Juan Carlos Campos – Licensed Neurolanguage Coaching Teacher Trainer 


To help my clients reach the next level of their professional/personal life through language learning and coaching.


To innovate languages and education in my country by integrating the latest studies, techniques and methods available to the learning process.

Juan Carlos Campos is the first Professional Neurolanguage Coach® in South America and a teacher trainer licensed by Efficient Language Coaching and currently a Professor of English San Martín de Porres University in Lima, Perú.

He studied language teaching methodology at Instituto Cultural Perú in Lima, Perú where he graduated as the first place of his class in 2005.

Having obtained this recognition opened him many doors for him to start teaching English from an early age in his life.

His passion for English teaching led him to co-found “Learn it right”, a Language Center in Lima, Peru, after a four-year journey learning the first steps of what it meant to be an teacherpreneur.

Soon did he discover that things were not as idealistic as he thought and with a heavy heart, in 2012, he said goodbye to his business partner and went back to the drawing board to embark himself on a quest of self-improvement refining his skills and acquiring knowledge in computer science, administration, public speaking, and sales.

In 2016 his quest for self-improvement led him to discover Rachel Paling and Neurolanguage Coaching® automatically falling in love with the method and the principles about neuroscience and coaching.

Now armed with better tools, around the same time, he founded English 24/7, a language center whose purpose is to deliver English language training to executives and entrepreneurs in Perú.

In 2018, Juan Carlos became a Professional Neurolanguage Coach® and and ELC Licensed trainer.

Now, Juan Carlos is focused on continuing his journey of developing his skills as a Neurolanguage coach®, speaker and teacher trainer and sharing his findings with the ELC community and his clients.

Juan Carlos is also certified by Universities Cambrigde and Michigan. Currently, he’s studying Organization Psychology at the Mexican University UTEL .

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