10 out of 10



“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the course created by Rachel Paling, and led by Vlada Vasylieva. Firstly, the course has been transformative, offering cutting-edge brain-friendly techniques for language acquisition. The method not only ensures the success of the learner but also makes the journey enjoyable and enriching. Additionally, the course structure allows for seamless integration into busy lifestyles, accommodating work and other commitments without sacrificing progress or well-being. Its user-friendly design enhances the learning experience, fostering productivity and engagement. I must also acknowledge the exceptional coaching provided by Vlada Vasylieva. Her captivating guidance was both inspiring and invaluable. Her warmth, attentiveness, and encouragement created a supportive environment that facilitated my learning journey. Thanks to her professionalism, I remained motivated, experienced positive growth, and maintained consistent happiness throughout the course. As for Rachel, she is truly an inspiration and epitomizes kindness. It has been an honor to learn from her. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to embark on this path with Neurolanguage Coaching®.”
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