The door to a fascinating world


Herrera Gutiérrez

“The training to become a Neurolanguage coach® has far exceeded all my expectations. For a long time now, I have realised that there are aspects of language teaching and acquisition of a second language that we still do not know about and where there is still a lot of work to be done. The method, contents and practices have helped me to name too many of the situations we regularly experience in class in order to identify the limbic triggers of the students and to be able to have the basic tools to help them overcome them in order to make the learning process as effective and respectful as possible. This course combines the principles of coaching with recent studies on neuroscience and neuroeducation and explains how our brain reaches the ideal learning state. In addition, it shows us new ways of presenting language content in our sessions so that the learner is in control of their language acquisition process at all times. It has been an incredible course that opens the door to a fascinating world in which we have so much to discover.”
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