A fantastic course for professional development as language teacher



“The Language Coaching Certification course was a fantastic, motivating experience for my (working) life, exactly what I needed. The course atmosphere was calm and lovely and at the same time energizing, a real dopamine increase. I learnt a totally different style of “teaching” and I got all the tools I need to coach the language. Brain-friendly method, neuroscience, how the brain works, open questions – these are the areas that have changed my mindset, my focus and made me more conscious of how to deliver the language more efficiently. The most impressing insight is how coachees comes to the language through coaching questions, how coachees take the responsibility, the autonomy for their learning, how they explore what works best for them. I feel grateful for being part of the community. It was great to work with colleagues in the team. Rachel, Juan Carlos, THANK YOU. Ildikó Juhász (Austria, Hungary)”
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