A journey of professional and personal growth



“After attending the Neurolanguage Coaching® course two and a half years ago and collecting plenty of experiences on how I can integrate neuroscience principles and coaching techniques into my coaching practice, I felt ready to take the next step to enhance my language coaching skills and techniques. By taking part in the Advanced Neurolanguage Coaching® course, I enriched myself with new techniques and methodologies to support my learners more effectively and on a deeper level. What I liked most about the course was not just learning the theory but also Rachel and Clare’s emphasis on the practical part of Neurolanguage Coaching. We connected with the participants outside the sessions to gain confidence in the different new coaching models and tools. Although I haven’t worked with groups and teams so far, by gaining insights into how I can facilitate group coaching, I feel more engaged to try it out in the future. I am excited about the opportunity to integrate these new methods into my coaching practice and to create a more personalized and impactful learning experience for my clients. Neurolanguage Coaching is not just a tool in our hands to facilitate and enhance language learning. Neurolanguage Coaching is so much more. It is an opportunity to develop both professionally and personally, a fantastic community of like-minded, passionate, and dedicated people who have a common goal and believe that they can transform the way how language is taught and learned. It is a journey of continuous improvement, mutual support, and shared success.”
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