Change is possible, when you understand how your brain works and what it needs!

Yann Tyng


“Am looking forward to starting my new academic year as an educator, now that I have gone through the Neurolanguage Coaching course! There are so many tools I have been given and which I´m excited to use with my learners. I took the course wanting a change in myself, and how I taught, and I was given what I wanted! Learning about how the brain works and giving it what it needs has been a powerful lesson, and I can´t wait to experience this change in my learners when I implement what I have learnt on the NLC course! I also appreciated having an international community of people come together to share in this learning journey – in NLC we have been taught that coach and coachee are equal and nobody gets put on a pedestal. It´s the same with my mates where we are all from different nationalities, languages, backgrounds and experiences and we were all treated as equal. It was a rock solid three hours in the evenings and in summer with the heat it was an added discomfort, but the trainers were always in top form and encouraging and ready to roll. I really enjoyed working with my mates and everyone has been so encouraging. It´s still a long way for me to go before I can fully say I´m 100% comfortable being a coach, but I have taken my first step with this NLC course and it´s a motivation for me to continue learning more about it. There is a whole network of support here, lots of literature and a resource library, and regular webinars and courses so we´ll never go rusty! Thank you to the ELC team for putting everything together in such a neat package!”
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