English Language Teacher to English Language Coach



“I recently took part in Rachel Paling’s Neurolanguage Coaching course with Juan Carlos Campos. Before taking this course, I was calling myself an English Language Coach, because I felt what I was doing was not quite the same as an English teacher. The Neurolanguage Coaching Course helped me understand why what I do, and how I do it, is important.  I can also now say with certainty that the work I do goes beyond traditional language teaching.  Working with Juan Carlos also helped me identify areas in which I can help my clients even more. Through understanding more about the neuroscience behind language learning, I’ve already been able to start putting new aspects into practice with my clients to help them with their language learning journey and I can already see the positive impact in their results. Juan Carlos was very accommodating throughout the course – he helped us with all our queries and doubts and made sure we had all the resources we needed in order to get the most out of the course. I’d recommend this course to any language teacher who wants to take the next step to help their clients reach their goals, as efficiently as possible.”
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