From English Trainer to Neurolanguage Coach: My Transformational Journey



“I was ready to transition from being an English trainer to an English coach, but lacked formal coaching training. That’s when I stumbled upon Rachel Paling and her Neurolanguage Coaching® method during my online research. After a quick call and enrollment, I embarked on a journey that transformed my approach to language instruction. Through Rachel’s ICF-accredited course, I delved into the fascinating realm of neuroscience and its profound impact on language learning, revolutionizing not just my teaching methods but also enhancing my own proficiency in German. Convinced of the power of Neurolanguage Coaching®, I committed to completing all of Rachel’s courses, eventually becoming a Licensed Teacher Trainer. Now, armed with invaluable knowledge, I’m thrilled to spread the word to fellow Filipino educators and beyond. Enrolling in Rachel’s program was undeniably the best decision I’ve ever made.”
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