Great experience!



“The system od education needs a change. There is no question about it and it is definitele not a brand new idea. The question has always been how to change it. We, teachers, are left pretty much on our own experimenting with different methodas and ideas, checking if they work with the particular group or an individual student. It is always a lottery. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Why? Because everyone is different. Theoretically, everyone is aware of that simple fact, practicly, when it comes to teaching a foreign language, hardly anyone puts this precious knowledge into practice. Here comes Rachel with her Neurolanguage Coaching. She makes you realise there is no one-and-only method really – there is just you, your student and the flow. The course incorporates the review of the latest neuroscientific ideas, the inroduction to the coaching as such as well as the concept of mindfullness and its alike. Before the course I had perceived myself as an open-minded teacher, I got to realise there are still many areas to improve. I do reccomend this experience to anyone who does not feel comfortable with the old, teacher-oriented style and is open to change and develop professionally and personally.”
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