Switching from an English teacher to Neurolanguage coach



“I would say that this course is one of the most effective courses that I have ever taken. During the course, we learned so many useful things that helped me to change my whole attitude to teaching the language. And by changing this attitude, I started to get more clients, and more positive feedback from my students. They strated getting good results in terms of learning the language. Besides, I myself also has become not only a teacher but also a good mentor for my clients who want to learn English. I am so grateful to Rachel because she helped us to practise what we learned right in the training. She taught us about the brain which really helped to to understand how the learner’s brain work when learning the language. And since I know about it now, I can help my learners to reach their perfect learning state. I would definitely recomment this course to everyone because, It will help teachers to have effective connection with their learners.”
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